Thursday, December 29, 2005


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Waiting for the packages

Waiting sucks. I ordered some gifts over the internet, and although it is incredibly easy to do so, the waiting is driving me insane... especially since it is Christmas Eve already! Yesterday while I was out the delivery guy came by, but he left one of those notices hanging on my door. That was at about 1pm. It was fine until I read the notice which said I couldn't pick up my parcel until today after one. That's just fucked!! I live about two blocks from the postal outlet, but I have to wait twenty four hours to pick up my parcel. That should be illegal this close to Christmas!!!

On another note, I went to visit my good friend Who yesterday. She lives with her sister, Demanding, and her nieces were visiting from their fathers house for Christmas. Well Demanding is pregnant again and getting married, her husband to be also has two daughters... lets wish them a boy shall we? Anyway, I met the two new girls and they both instantly fell in love with me. It was very cute, all four of them wanting my attention... have I ever mentioned that I want to have a girl one day? Well anyway it was so funny to watch them circling their Christmas tree. The lights reflecting in their wide, excited eyes, fingers itching to pick up the packages and feel them, shake them, taste them even. The oldest girl came over to me and said "Can I open one?" I laughed and she laughed and I said... "What do YOU think the answer is?" She smiled sheepishly and said "No." I said "Good answer. If we opened them all now, there would nothing left for Christmas, cause if you open one she will want to, and so will she and her and that one too." Pointing to each little girl in turn. They all laughed at me then climbed on me and demanded we get a picture taken with all of us... it was very sweet. But I can't imagine having four girls... yikes.

Tonight is our traditional Christmas Eve party. Its one thing that my love and I like to do the same way. Lots of food, lots of sparkly lights, lots of presents for our friends, and don't forget the cheer!! This year we found the most beautiful tree and it suits our home perfectly. My love is going to prepare his famous and highly sought after maple cider glazed ham, it was devoured with absolutely no qualms at our tracemas party. He is an incredible cook and charming host, just two of the many things I adore about the man. In fact I met him at a Christmas Eve party 8 years ago, and he had made his ham, although I showed up too late to taste it, but I did get to meet the gorgeous man who cooked it. Even without it, I was smitten with him instantly, although it did take 3 and a half years more before we became a couple. Anyway, I digress. This year some of my family won't be joining us for Christmas, which is sad, but on the other hand, my loves brother will be with us, as well as Aidan's Daddy (Aidan is my son for all of you who don't know), so that makes up for the lack otherwise. In fact I am thrilled that they will be here, it's going to be wonderful!! I hope that all of you will have a very merry ho ho and be surrounded by the ones you love. Take care my friends, and any of you out there that are close enough to us, come on over tonight and have a cup of cheer!!

Merry Merry Christmas... Happy Hanukkah... Ho Ho Ho!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sweet Gingerbread House

My son had his school Christmas play last week and he made a gingerbread house afterwards in his classroom... (at night!! he was so excited) and asked if he could wear his tux jacket and a tie... what a cute kid! This picture turned out so great I just had to share it with you all. Merry Ho Ho!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I got the greatest fucking mark in Acting this semester! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ok so I got that A, but it wasn't just an A. It was like as close to a perfect grade as I have ever been in my life. And it was accompanied by such high praise from my Acting Prof that it was like getting a Golden A. The Great and Fabulous Golden A. It was so good I could have came! But of course I didn't... cause I'm just not a nymphomaniac, no matter how much fun it seems like it would be at times.

I went to get my last feedback session with the teacher and after some fun chit chat, we got down to the grades. All the way along, I nailed it, and wherever I didn't nail it, I came so damned close that I might as well have. It was an incredibly gratifying moment for me... it's just been so long since I was in highschool, and I did so fucking shitty when I was there, that I really felt intimidated by going to University. I guess I was afraid I would fail, and be as untalented as I feared I was. You know that little voice inside everyone's head. Maybe there are some of us who don't have that voice, but those people would have to have come from a culture that has not been fed on guilt and intimacy issues with every meal. I know why I got that 'you're not good enough' destruction in my head, do you know why YOU do?... the why matters little really, what matters most to me is that I know it's not true unless I make it true...and I just wouldn't do that to my worst enemy, let alone myself. So getting these super fucking kudos from my acting teacher just kind of aids me in my battle against the evil voice... and it felt sooooooooo sweet. Just knowing that this is something that I am really really good at... delicious!

If that wasn't enough. I went to pick up my last essay from my English Prof's office, and he just happened to be there, and what do you think he told me? Yes he told me I sucked. Hahaha... No of course he didn't... he asked me if he could keep a copy of this essay, as well as the previous one, for his future classes. He told me that my essays were a pleasure to read and that I am a really skilled writer with a wonderful grasp of metaphor. Now many of you reading these blogs are also writers and so you know just how good it feels to hear what he said to me. I beamed, I glowed... I must have looked like I just had the best fucking sex of my life, without the give-away mussed hair, cause that is what it felt like; complete, delirious, "ask me anything and I'll say yes" satisfaction. Ahhhhhhh.

Success is a sweet dish... it rocks to be brilliant and beautiful and do something with it. I must have done something really good in a past life, I just know it.


Friday, December 09, 2005

SubUrban Hero

Supergirl Saves the Day!!

She arises from her long debilitating illness, to see right through the child's fake-sick and escorts him Off to school at the ungodly hour of 8 am. After the mad studying freakness left her veins (a little early I might add), she can barely remember how to tie her shoes without thinking about the psychological after affects involved. Not hardly phased by this, she quickly deduces the desired outcome of brain versus shoe-tying and wraps the job up nicely. In another burst of incredi-girl-speed she whips off a Super Essay sure to win high praise and astound from the lowly dry toast professor who's taken up so much of her precious time these past months. Off goes the paper, and ON to beauty school!!

What kind of super-chick would our heroine be without the absolutely required gorgeousness of the job. Cosmetics and super-tight spandex are the best ways into unsuspecting houses (and pants) full of perverts and boy/men (which is totally the same thing I know). Decidedly taking up the unfinished job of stripperella, but with much more sophistication and Real breasts, and no need to remove her clothing... ok well then not really taking up where the stripper-super-chick left off, but creating a whole new avenue of awesome-chickness, our heroine flings text books and beauty products left and right and every other direction at the heads and other parts of those in need. She calls it tough-love-learning, and quick-Hot-tips.

Racing back home at lighter then light speed, she faster then fast changes out of her spandex and into a corset, stocking, garter thingy-ma-jigy to cunningly (;p) seduce the precious lifeforce out of her archnemesis and lover... Super-manly!! *I'm talking about MONEY folks... ya know precious lifeforce, gees what a bunch of kinky pervs you all are* When the job is completed with utter satisfaction, our sexy sauntering super-girl is off once again... this time her destination of people in need... THE MALL... dun dun dunnnnnnn!

Tune in next time for some more freakness and weird thoughts coming your way.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Didn't your mother ever teach you...?

... if you have nothing nice to say, go say FUCK outside!

This little bit o'genius came flying out of my mouth earlier today... my roommate (Bad Kitty) laughed so hard and said she wanted to put that on a shirt. She designs clothing, really awesome clothing actually, so I told her that if she did make it, I wanted one too. I'll take a picute when its done and post it for all of ya.

Life is busy and wonderful. I am this close [ ] to being done my semester, which will conlude my first year of University...Yaaaaa! I am really cooking now, who woulda thunk it? Definitly not me when I was 16 and doing so shitty in highschool wishing it would just END GODDAMMIT. I am getting an A in Acting, probably another one in English (maybe a B+) and a B in Psyc... but we will really see when the exams are over and I am standing amidst the rubble. Wish me luck.

Just did my final performance in class yesturday, it went really well. The majority of the scenes were better then on the last performance day, I don't know why.. it just seemed that way to me. Maybe the performers were more comfortable with each other on this day... who knows but there were some fuckin awesome performances! It has been a blast with a great class... I was thinking of suggesting the theatre group puts on a performance of Chicago...Oh my god I woud LOVE that, I would have so much fun... maybe next year.

More to say when things lighten up.

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