Sunday, June 03, 2007

Writing for ME

So I am writing again. This is exciting. I submitted an article to a website for freelance writers that has the potential to pay $. It's not much money, but when you are just a beginner at writing for $, any money is encouraging.

So on this site, called Helium, you write and rate other writers articles. The top rated get paid. My first article is actually an essay I wrote on the existence of God for one of my many philosophy classes. As soon as I submitted it, my article fell almost exactly in the middle of the ratings... 70 out of 146. That was sweet.

As the days passed I watched my article slowly climb until it plateaued at 59. Not a bad rating, but I was disappointed anyway... I want nothing less then the best. So I decided to rewrite the article, shorten it a good bit and submit it as a leapfrog, which you can do once a week. The readers read both articles and rate them against each other, and others on the same topic. So I went back the next day and found that they had rejected the posting of my leapfrog article, to my disapointment... until I realized that my original article had jumped significantly in rating. It went to 12!! Today it is 11. Fuck Ya! I'm stoked.

Bring it On!


Anonymous The Zombieslayer said...

Very nice. 11 out of 146 ain't bad.

Writing for profit's tough. I'm more thinking along the lines of producing my own work now. Mrs. Z, me, and one other writer wrote some television episodes two years ago, but we're not going to do anything with them until we figure out how to produce them.

The reason is a friend of mine is a television writer. Wrote for everything from Dawson's Creek to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Disney tv show, not the movie). Got paid almost nothing (something like $10-15k an episode), and he was complaining to me that writers were on the lowest end of the totem pole.

Now, if you write/produce, you'll get the respect of a good writer, and the money of a producer. The trick is to get into a situation where you can produce. That's what we're working on figuring out how to do. May take us five more years, but the reward will be more than worth the wait.

Good luck with your writing. You might want to take one of those classes on self-producing your writing. My cousin and I took one, and the guy and his wife make enough money to do it as a full-time job. He was telling us how to do it. It's tough work, but since you love to write...

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