Saturday, March 25, 2006


Last weekend I had the first all-nighter I have had in far too long. It was a blast. My son was gone to his fathers place for march break so I have been spending my time irresponsibly and with great enjoyment. A lot of my friends that I have now have only ever known me as a mother, and so they don't fully realize the freak/Quagmireish-pervert/irresponsible/deviant that lives inside of me yet. Only at rare and strange times do I let this otherside of me show... but when I do, many of my friends go... "whats wrong with her.. she's not being herself" Hahahahahahaha. If only they knew.

So last saturday was my last day/night of freedom before the child returned and so I decided that we should do something fun. A couple of friends and my roommate and I went out for dinner and then decided to come back and hang out at our house. Then, shortly after midnight another good friend of mine showed up and there was mind-altering substances all around. I will not elaborate on which mind-altering, considering the fact that many many things alter your consciousness, but I will make a disclaimer.... I am not into really hard things so use your imaginations, but don't go overboard...I will leave the guessing up to you. Now I am actually quite a light-weight when it comes to any substances anymore, but I still do get a mean contact high which is generally good enough for me and is all that I required that night. We danced, we played, we took pictures... all good fun things... and before I knew it, it was 6 am already!!

I decided that was a good time to try to sleep, but I was wrong. I laid in bed by myself for about 15 minutes tops and realized it was hopeless, and so I went back downstairs with most of the others, who just so happened to be playing Jenga, and laid on the couch, totally expecting to fall asleep there... which did not happen. Eventually we ended up a writhing puddle on the floor laughing and zombie-like. It was sweet. I did not go to sleep until 11pm that night.. and boy did I sleep like a stone. A good time was had by all, I love my friends, there all such freaks. If your friends are lacking, you can come and join us, always room for more.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well I wanted to write but all that came out was drivel. Hmmm too bad, I must be stuck somewhere... or else too damned busy to have anything truly creative be born in my brain. Ahhh well... I shall find something better to say... or else... dunn dun dunnnn...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

To write would be an awfully big adventure indeed

I have had absolutely NO time for anything of my own choosing in the last two months, which has really paid off anyway, but not given me much room for writing... And then when I do find the time to write all that I can get out of me is erotica... gee I wonder why. Could it be that I am rapidly approaching my sexual peak (I still am undecided as to whether or not it actually peaks or just keeps right on going)? That I want sex more then a 17 year old boy does? Yes that could be the case, and its not going to get any better for years. I can live with that really, as long as I have an outlet more satisfying than writing.

I would love to write something a little more interesting than groaning about my sexual appetite... but I am finding it incredibly distracting. Hmmm lets see.... Well I have found one outlet for my pent up energies... DANCING!!!! WoooHoooo. Went out with the girls last week, even though I was exhausted from SO much work, and I was SO glad I did. Had an awesome time and decided that it should be a recurring event forevermore. I used to go out dancing every weekend, from the time I was 13 on (the town I grew up in had a kiddie dance club every friday). Then when I was older, I used to have dance parties at my house pretty much every weekend. My girlfriends would come over, and we'd all dance for hours. Well I decided it was time to reinvent both of those traditions and so from now on, we go out to the club once a week and dance at home (with lava lamps and trippy lights) once a week. Besides being a helluva lot of fun, it is great exercise!!

Our dance parties have been known as 'friendly parties' due to one particular night when most of the girls were wearing amber perfume (which is supposedly an aphrodisiac) and everybody started making out with everybody else. It was... interesting to say the least. I have weird friends and I love them that way, at least I don't have to be weird all on my own.

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