Sunday, June 03, 2007

Writing for ME

So I am writing again. This is exciting. I submitted an article to a website for freelance writers that has the potential to pay $. It's not much money, but when you are just a beginner at writing for $, any money is encouraging.

So on this site, called Helium, you write and rate other writers articles. The top rated get paid. My first article is actually an essay I wrote on the existence of God for one of my many philosophy classes. As soon as I submitted it, my article fell almost exactly in the middle of the ratings... 70 out of 146. That was sweet.

As the days passed I watched my article slowly climb until it plateaued at 59. Not a bad rating, but I was disappointed anyway... I want nothing less then the best. So I decided to rewrite the article, shorten it a good bit and submit it as a leapfrog, which you can do once a week. The readers read both articles and rate them against each other, and others on the same topic. So I went back the next day and found that they had rejected the posting of my leapfrog article, to my disapointment... until I realized that my original article had jumped significantly in rating. It went to 12!! Today it is 11. Fuck Ya! I'm stoked.

Bring it On!

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