Friday, December 09, 2005

SubUrban Hero

Supergirl Saves the Day!!

She arises from her long debilitating illness, to see right through the child's fake-sick and escorts him Off to school at the ungodly hour of 8 am. After the mad studying freakness left her veins (a little early I might add), she can barely remember how to tie her shoes without thinking about the psychological after affects involved. Not hardly phased by this, she quickly deduces the desired outcome of brain versus shoe-tying and wraps the job up nicely. In another burst of incredi-girl-speed she whips off a Super Essay sure to win high praise and astound from the lowly dry toast professor who's taken up so much of her precious time these past months. Off goes the paper, and ON to beauty school!!

What kind of super-chick would our heroine be without the absolutely required gorgeousness of the job. Cosmetics and super-tight spandex are the best ways into unsuspecting houses (and pants) full of perverts and boy/men (which is totally the same thing I know). Decidedly taking up the unfinished job of stripperella, but with much more sophistication and Real breasts, and no need to remove her clothing... ok well then not really taking up where the stripper-super-chick left off, but creating a whole new avenue of awesome-chickness, our heroine flings text books and beauty products left and right and every other direction at the heads and other parts of those in need. She calls it tough-love-learning, and quick-Hot-tips.

Racing back home at lighter then light speed, she faster then fast changes out of her spandex and into a corset, stocking, garter thingy-ma-jigy to cunningly (;p) seduce the precious lifeforce out of her archnemesis and lover... Super-manly!! *I'm talking about MONEY folks... ya know precious lifeforce, gees what a bunch of kinky pervs you all are* When the job is completed with utter satisfaction, our sexy sauntering super-girl is off once again... this time her destination of people in need... THE MALL... dun dun dunnnnnnn!

Tune in next time for some more freakness and weird thoughts coming your way.


Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Kinky pervs? Us? Not on this blog, naaaah. ;)

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