Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shuffle the Money

This really pisses me off! The other day I was listening to the local radio station, good DJ's, and they had some bit of news blurb being played. It was some guy (I honestly don't know or care who and if I did know I would probably still refer to him as SOME GUY for all the power he has to do jack shit) talking about the budget for the University. I go to the University here, I love it, but anyone who goes there can not avoid noticing that for the last two years or so they have been doing a helluva lot of construction around campus. As I write this they are busy erecting some HUGE new building that I am hoping to hell is a multi-leveled parking garage because parking is always insane on campus. Last year they finished the new International Building which houses its own observatory, which I think just rocks!!

Well as 'punishment' for all this construction, they raised student fees quite a bit, like doubling the cost of a parking pass, and if you don't want to buy a parking pass for $160, that's all fine and good cause they changed the parking slip dispensers around campus as well. Now, even if you are going to one 1 hour class, you still have to pay the 'all day' fee of $2. OK so that's not SO bad, but its still a little frustrating. Oh one little note though, this school just became a University, before last year it was only a 'University College' (which is just a college wishing it was a university).

Anyway, so this shmuck nobody on the radio was saying, in a very defensive manner, that 'WE' are going to have to do what's best for the University and shut down some of the programs that are not being as heavily populated at this moment. He goes on to say that many more students are enrolling in the trades programs and less in the arts. I just happen to be in the Arts myself if you haven't guessed. So he says that they are going to lay off some of the staff, and close some classes. Sure this may sound fine and good, but its bogus! It reveals the torn underskirt of the tramp trying to pass herself off as a lady. I mean come ON! This is now supposed to be a University... they had a big shebang, ceremony and unveiling, 'aren't we SO important now' party to celebrate this schools entrance into the "big boys club", and now they can't even afford to keep their arts staff populated. What an insult.

Like idiot children they go and spend tons of money on huge, expensive new buildings, and maybe a day after the election is over, they say "oops, we don't have enough money, better turn ourselves into ITT, I mean who needs arts anyway?" I have to admit, I have taken Philosophy, Pyschology, Acting and English, all of which fall under the category of Arts, and all of those classes were PACKED. So what the fuck is HE talking about? It made me so angry, and I could tell by the way the guy was talking that I was not the only one. Obviously many people are getting ticked about this, for good reason. This city is growing the way it is because of the University, no other reason. Fuck with it and see what happens to our economy, I dare ya. I mean what's the point of putting up new buildings if there are no students or teachers to fill them...dumb fucks!!!


Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

This city is growing the way it is because of the University, no other reason. Fuck with it and see what happens to our economy, I dare ya.

We have this here in Chico, California. The whole !@#$%^& town revolves around the school, yet they're always talking about doing such and such to the school and to the students.

The problem with school administrators is they play politics instead of thinking what's best for the school. A good school offers a complete education, and that means as many various things as possible. Narrow educations produce narrow students.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Mokuyobi said...

man. Spanish literature class is going to go first. And that's sad. What a lamer. Why don't you start a petition or a riot or something? If I was there, I would help you, I'll even come to Kamloops for the sole purpose of like, rioting with you, OK?

5:26 PM  
Blogger clothosfate said...

awwww.. thats so sweet! LOL. I'll let you know ;)

6:37 PM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Mokuyobi - I wish I took Spanish lit. Spain had some real good writers. I never even read Cervantes yet. :(

9:00 PM  

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